Alphabets du Monde is working since 2015 with the Cameroonian association Little Daniel, based in Limbe, in order to open a welcome center for children and teenagers. This project is managed in collaboration with French institutions and Cameroonian partners. From 2017, we want to gather in the same place initiatives and activities in support of welcome, education, development and blossoming.  


The center represents 3 duplex houses built on a natural land in front of the ocean and it will divided in 3 parts: An orphanage which will welcome an average of 50 children; a profession center and a training center focused on kindly education.  The construction begun in 2014 and opening is planed for September 2017.


If you want to contibute to this project, you can make a donation to Alphabets du Monde and / or sponsor a child. Begin this story with your protégé, be in contact and share information or pictures with him. As some sponsors, even go to see them on site to a wonderfull experience ! Contact us to know more about the process. Each commitment is important for these children, donation or sponsorship, we thank you for your support !

Sponsorship of a child is set to 33€ per month. It is tax deductible  up to 66%, so it will cost only 11€ per month. All ponctual donations (pecuniary or material) and sponsorship are tax deductible. More information on the opposite.


Center for children and teenagers, Little Daniel 

Téléphone ; 

+33 (0)6 62 50 23 00

​Adresse : 

406 rue de la Combe

84220 Gordes - France


Association loi 1901

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