How can I sponsor a child         or a project ?

  • Fill in the sponsorship form available on the page "Sponsor a child". Point out if you have preferences for the sponsorship.              

  • Send us your bank account details for a direct debit. In order to authorise a direct debit, we will send you a bank form which you will send us back with your signature. You can also use a bank transfert, a cheque or a Paypal payment.


    Who can become a sponsor ?

  • Everybody can sponsor a child or the project, there is no restriction. 

    What are the advantages ?


  • Correspond with your protégé and share your everyday life and special new

  • Tax advantages : tax reduction equal to 66% for private individual of their donation in the limit of 20% of their income tax. In case of undertake, the amount of your donation could be put back on 5 years.

    What is sponsorship ?

  • A financial support given without compensation from beneficiary, except new from children.      

  • A financial support for a vulnerable child so he will be able to go to school and have a better life in the Little Daniel centre.

Become a sponsor

    How long is a sponsorship ?

  • Alphabets du Monde would prefer fr a minimum of one year but iy you have any problem in carrying on, you can stop it at any time, sending us a message. 

     What is the amount of a                  sponsorship ?

  • The sponsorship of a child is 33 euros per month but you can also support the project with a free monthly or punctual donation.

   What are sponsorship used for ?

  • Funds collected thanks to sponsorship contribute to take in charge all the children's needs. They can go to school, live in a safe place and without worried.

  • We put on line all the new of the project's evolution through our web site, Facebook and we send you a report via email.