• Cash 

  • Skill based volunteering

  • In kind giving / Gifts of kindness

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  • Any company, whatever its size, can become a sponsor.

  • According to "Admical Institute": Sponsorship isn't for rich people and huge companies; 98% of sponsors are very small business and SMB."

  • Mobilize and federate your teams around a solidarity project 

  • Develop company's communication

  • Tax deduction: Up to 60% of your donation in the limit of 5‰ of your turnover.

  • An ethical commitment: "an act of intuitive generosity, patronage can also become a real strategic tool, aiming at optimizing its impact on the steady cause and to create immaterial value for the company. " (Source: Site Admical.)

  • Material support given without compensation from beneficiary, except his name on the association's communication tools.

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