About us 

We are pleased to introduce projects we lead in Alphabets du Monde.

Specialization where locals need our support.

Established in Marseille since 2003, our main purpose is to take care of project promoters: Logistical support, consulting, public relationship support and communication support.


We are specialized on Childhood, environment and sustainable development. Alphabet du Monde has already develope projects in Cameroon, Comoros, Mali and Niger. All these projects led in partnership with French and African NGO.

Humanitarian work is becoming more complex all over the world since several years. We have to fight againts religious and sanatarian matters in coutries where we stepping in. In spite of that evolution, we are following our efforts for children. Children is the most vulnerable population in case of crisis.




Since 2015, we are working on development of a school in India, near to the Tibetan border. In order to brake through preliminrary steps, we sent a team during a month on Spring 2014. Based on Darjeeling area, main goal of this school is to give at poor children the chance to have a decent education  irregardless of their culture and religion.

Since 2015 and 2016, we have been working on our new project in Cameroon. A center for childhood wich will opening in a few month with Little Daniel association. For this project, we are looking for sponsorship.

Alphabets du Monde's main goal is to develop solidarity through initiatives and projects here. If you wish to commit on your way, contact us and joing our team ! A lot of actions and projects are waiting for you!

Enjoy your visit on our website,

Caroline Le Gall

Présidente Alphabets du Monde